28 May 2018

What is intelligent information management and how it can increase productivity of your company?

The amount of information companies must manage is exploding, while demands related to compliance and the need to automate and simplify are increasing.

Legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems and other traditional approaches to managing information aren't working. Why? Information is either locked up in rigid, one-size-fits-all systems or it chaotically proliferates across multiple disconnected systems. Companies are struggling to effectively manage documents and other information stored across these "information silos," and as a result, employees can't quickly find the information they need to do their jobs.

In the new version of M-Files (2018) you can find an Intelligent Metadata Layer. It delivers a simple, unified experience for intelligently finding, accessing and managing information residing within any system, without disturbing existing processes and the users that depend on them. This also eliminates the need for complex and expensive migration projects, two major stumbling blocks to innovation and business process improvement.

Unify and Manage All Your Information in M-Files - Without Migration

Once a connector to an external system is installed, information residing within that system is immediately available directly via the M-Files mobile app, the M-Files desktop application and web access. Users can search and browse without migrating data and without impacting users of the connected system. Information residing in external systems can also be enriched with metadata, which enables M-Files to establish relevance and context when searching for information across existing business systems.

This new possibility allows to find all information you need in the one, complex system. It helps to save time for all the employees and because of that – increase productivity of your company.

This approach was appreciated in the newest report created by Nucleus Research - 2018 Nucleus Research Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) M-Files was named as a leader. Company evaluates ECM providers on two core criteria, usability and functionality. As a comment to the report, CEO of Nucleus Research - Ian Campbell, said:

“M-Files brings a new vision for intelligent information management to the market,
and it’s resonating with customers who are finding it easier to remove organization silos and work more effectively.”

If you are interested to find more information about M-Files – contact us!

What is intelligent information management and how it can increase productivity of your company?
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