01 October 2020

We are celebrating!

This year is exceptionally important to us - we are celebrating the 15th Anniversary on the Polish and foreign market!

Throughout these years, our business has grown steadily, each subsequent year has brought new successes and new customers satisfied with our services. These years have been a time of good ideas and solutions, a time of many positive changes and implementation of good projects.

All of this would not have been possible without our employees. Without their knowledge, skills and commitment, we would have not realised our dreams of development, and  success in such a difficult market of software suppliers. We are proud of them and thankful for their work so creative and full of passion.

We are also grateful to our customers and business partners. Without their participation our success would also have not been possible. We appreciate the trust they have placed in us and believe that in cooperation with them, we will be able to keep on climbing upwards. They are the best inspiration and our driving force in improving  the quality of our activities.

Managing Director

Anna Turzańska-Sadlej

We are celebrating!