22 August 2023

Voice of the Essential Manufacturing Manager - Report prepared by Epicor

What do 400 manufacturing leaders think about their technology, business strategies, workers, and industry? Download the full report to get unique industry insights.

Key takeaways on technology include:

  • 67% of manufacturers are embracing a data-first strategy.
  • 61% of manufacturers are heavily embracing automation.
  • 49% of self-described modern manufacturers are employing AI

Key takeaways on the workforce include:

  • 77% of manufacturing leaders say their company is prioritizing upskilling.
  • 60% of manufacturing leaders anticipate increasing budgets for hiring new talent.
  • 44% of manufacturing leaders say that turnover has remained the same at their organization.

Key takeaways on priorities and challenges:

  • The biggest priority for manufacturing leaders is quality control.
  • The biggest daily challenge for manufacturing leaders is hitting product targets.
  • Another big challenge is ensuring workplace safety and compliance.

Download the Report HERE

Voice of the Essential Manufacturing Manager - Report prepared by Epicor