CRM & Pipeline Management

Client and Prospect Database

Including contacts and contact information with links to the contacts social network profiles, email integration (Outlook and Gmail) and optional integration to Active Campaign (email marketing system) that allows easy newsletter writing and track the effectiveness of each email marketing campaign.

Sales Activities

It can be tracked on both existing clients and prospects and gives a list with full history on the activities that lead to sales. A Sales Activity can furthermore be added to a user’s calendar, so the sales responsible can use the calendar for follow-up’s as well as the CRM system.  

File Sharing & Storage

It is the feature that will allow you to save any kind of document related to the client or prospect as well as any email correspondence from Outlook or Gmail. Additionally, WorkBook will integrate to your own file server(s) and create folders using a predefined folder structure template, so everyone are saving files using the same structure. The files can be accessed through WorkBook and/or directly through the file explorer.

Pipelines & Forecasting

On each client or prospect, you add pipelines. A pipeline is the opportunity you have for completing a sale. The pipeline contains information about the total budget amount, weighted budget amount and the weighted budget amount allocated into a time frame.

Additionally, the 12 months forecasting also contains information about the budget value of the projects going on right now.

Conversion of Pipelines into Projects

It can be done when a pipeline reaches the stage where you would need to use it to track hours and expenses, write a more detailed price quote and perhaps even built up your time plan.

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