Description of the modules.

Record Management (correspondence and Secretariat Management)

The module allows you to manage incoming and outgoing business communications. Scan, optional Content Recognition (OCR), and Document Log reduce administrative costs and improve mail search efficiency.

The workflow system also allows you to organize and speed up the workflow of your business. It supports both the processes of circulating incoming documents and the preparation of replies and letters in the outgoing mail system.

The module allows you to automatically prepare an electronic broadcast book, address envelopes, and generate paper documents. Also, the system can integrate with the e-sender of Poczta Polska (polish postal company) and courier services. By managing reminders and records of the recipient's receipt of mail, it improves customer and partner service.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • scanning of incoming and outgoing mail
  • mail record and archive (mail, email, fax, etc.)
  • bar-coded marking of documents
  • electronic broadcast book
  • advanced mail piece searching
  • circulation of creating, accepting, and verifying outbound documents
  • circulation of incoming documents
  • connecting documents with invoices
  • notifications and alerts

Document Repository (Document Repository and Document Archive)

The central repository allows secure storage of any type of documents and electronic management of the records.

The system allows you to register documents from multiple sources (document scan, email, PDF, etc.) to the repository. With a powerful OCR engine and bar code labelling, document entry is fully automatic, increasing productivity and reducing administrative costs.

The module provides fast and easy access for authorized employees not only to electronic forms
and applications, but also to paper documents, metadata, and other business process information. This allows you to track the status of documents, processes, versions, and changes on the fly, ensuring you have complete control over your documents.

With physical and logical folders (views), employees have convenient and easy access to the information they need. The repository is equipped with an advanced, full-text content search engine and the ability to combine documents to work on so-called issues.

The Document Repository module is scaled and can be a central register of documents from external systems as well. This ensures  that information is complete and consistent, that data is not duplicated, and that documents and information is accessed in one place through your web browser and phone.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • a central register of documents and information
  • electronic records management
  • storing different types of documents, including document scans
  • Multiple document input sources supported (scan, email, PDF, fax, upload)
  • bar-coded marking of documents
  • splitting documents into physical and logical folders (views)
  • personalizing access to documents
  • documents’ versioning
  • documents’ change history
  • check-in and check-out of documents procedure

Purchase Order Management

This module allows you to streamline the purchasing process by automating the process of creating purchase orders, registering supplies, verifying, and approving. They can also be compared to cost invoices.

The module supports not only the creation of purchase orders but also the approval and verification workflow. By comparing orders to cost invoices, it improves expense control and greatly simplifies management's approval process.

With a graphical workflow designer, you can customize the process of verifying and accepting purchase orders to meet your specific business needs.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • purchase order log
  • electronic order verification and acceptance workflow
  • connecting orders to contracts and supplier invoices
  • notifications and alerts
  • integration with ERP systems
  • support for multiple companies in one system

Invoice Management

Use this module to organize and automate the workflow of accounting documents, including purchase invoices. The system allows you to register cost documents from multiple sources (document scan, email, PDF, etc.) into a repository. With advanced OCR engine, document input is fully automatic, increasing productivity and reducing administrative costs.

The Invoice Workflow module allows you to post documents, verify, approve, and automatically post to financial accounting and ERP systems. The system allows multi-dimensional and advanced posting of accounting documents, including through dictionaries. The ability to work in parallel on verification and acceptance of each invoice item on a separate basis makes the process much faster and more flexible.

With a graphical model for cost document approval (workflow designer), you can tailor the verification process to your individual business needs.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • multiple document input sources supported (scan, email, PDF, fax, upload)
  • automatic content recognition (OCR – requires the purchase of the additional license or OCR subscription service)
  • bar-coded marking of documents
  • records and archives of cost documents, including purchase invoices
  • provides a multi-dimensional description of cost documents
  • flexible process for the acceptance and verification of cost documents including parallelism
  • notifications and alerts
  • integration with ERP systems
  • support for multiple companies in one system

Capital expenditure (CAPEX) Management 

The module enables the streamlining and automation of the entire investment process (CAPEX), from the processing of investment applications and budget planning, through its implementation, to expenditure control and cash flow management.

The system allows efficient management of the workflow for the creation, verification, and acceptance of investment proposals. The electronic application form allows you to enter the necessary information on expenditure, budget, investment, and other information, as well as to attach documents and attachments.

The document-circulation system allows investment budgets to be planned in parallel, divided into budget lines, corresponding to the types of costs and revenues involved. By versioning and granting access rights to specific parts of budgets, you can create scenarios and work together on budgets.

By entering invoices and contracts and assigning costs to each budget line, authorized staff can keep track of budget execution and receive notifications of deviations. This allows expenditure to be checked on a day-to-day and in line with investment requests, contracts, and cost invoices.

Integration with the Invoice Workflow module gives you the option to accept or reject payments if the employee determines that the cost is not consistent with the budget you have adopted. In addition, with a budget schedule and financing plan, you can manage your cash demand (cash flow) on the fly.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • a central register of investment applications
  • circulation of the creation, acceptance, and verification of investment proposals
  • planning investment budgets
  • building budget scenarios and versioning
  • group work on budgets
  • control of cost invoices versus investment requests and budget
  • planning for investment financing and cash flow
  • notifications and alerts
  • integration into the financial and accounting system

Sales Proposals Management

The system speeds up the process of preparing offers and responding to requests for tenders several times. This module allows you to co-create bids in a team-based on pre-prepared patterns, automatically completing them with quotes, product and service catalogue, and marketing data. The product parts in the quotation can be from the product catalogue in the Sales proposal Management module or an external system (e.g., ERP).

The workflow system allows many people in the work on one offer in parallel. With a workflow, the offer can be handled by both the sales and technical department, so that once approved by management, finally, the company automatically creates a ready-to-use offer in a marketing-guidance document and can be sent by email or mail to the customer (link to Correspondents Management).

With a graphical workflow designer, you can customize the verification and acceptance process for your business.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • scanning and OCR of an RFP
  • automatically starting the quotation preparation circuit depending on the type of query
  • parallel operation of multiple people on one offer
  • total bids with related documents
  • using the product catalogue to prepare your offer
  • offer approval and review workflow
  • e-mailing and mailing the offer
  • notifications and alerts for bid completion dates
  • reports

Contract Management

The module allows the implementation of a secure and central register of contracts and annexes in the company. This gives employees access to information about not only the contracts they have already signed and their scans but also the contract statuses.

With an electronic workflow, the system can reduce administrative costs, reduce errors in validating contract records and reduce the role of paper versions.

With the invoice loop association, you can control costs and process the contract records from the accounting and financial perspective.

The extensive notification and alert system enable full control over contract expiration dates, and the versioning mechanism ensures consistency and consistency of the content of the agreements.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • a central register of contracts, with access to authorized employees
  • merging of annexes and other documents to the agreements
  • contracts acceptance and verification
  • easily searching contracts, even when you scan a document
  • versioning and contract change history
  • connecting and comparing agreements to supplier invoices and budgets
  • bar code marking of contracts
  • notifications and alerts

Task Management

The document workflow system allows supervisors to create and delegate tasks. Creating sentences can be manual or automatic, for example, from an incoming document received. The module supports group tasks and allows for hierarchy. Once the appointment and the recipient of the task have been set up, you can easily control the progress calendar and time records.

The alert system ensures that the manager can control the delegated tasks and the notification system reminds you of upcoming appointments.

The module is ideal for people who work in design and manage many people in different locations.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • creating jobs
  • workflow for work on jobs
  • prioritizing tasks
  • delegating tasks to individual employees or groups
  • managing appointments
  • task calendar
  • link jobs to documents
  • notifications and alerts

Leave Management

The system supports the process of circulation of leave applications of any type, including, but not limited to, holiday leave, on request, special leave, free of charge, etc., and is following the applicable law in Poland.

Regardless of integration with the HR system, the module automatically calculates and controls the employee's holiday limit. In addition, it allows you to manage your vacation to automate and simplify repetitive HR activities.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • workflow for creating, approving, and verifying holiday requests
  • managing substitutions
  • register and archive of holiday applications
  • verification of the number of holidays
  • control of available holiday leave limits, independent of ERP
  • managing holidays
  • notifications and alerts

Delegation Management

The system allows employees to apply for both domestic and foreign delegations, optionally enabling them to generate an advance payment request, while maintaining the approval and payment process.

The Expose Management module also supports employees in accounting for travel expenses and prepayments received. With an intuitive map-based form, the module automatically sets the amount of your diet and calculates a mileage. By integrating with the Invoice Workflow module, the employee can send invoices and cost receipts to the Human Resources Department electronically, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the billing process.

The module includes functionality such as:

  • registration of applications for a national or foreign delegation
  • validation and verification workflow
  • managing substitutions
  • automatic allowance and mileage acceptance possibility
  • document generation and advance payment
  • circulation (workflow) of the accounts of delegations and advances
  • registration of company costs (invoices and receipts)
  • integration with the vat system
  • notifications and alerts