28 January 2020

Save time by automating business processes

According to Software Testing and Big Data Hadoop, companies do not use about 50% of the automation capabilities. What should be done to make the most of both production capacity and human resources potential? Enterprises are paying more and more attention to the automation of business processes, thus wanting to gain a competitive advantage.

In response to the needs of automation, Deltek presents the Business Process Automation (BPA) solution that saves both time and specific foaming by automating many previously performed manually, repetitive, daily tasks or repetitive business processes. Tasks are started according to the created schedule.

A significant plus of the solution is the fact that Maconomy BPA is directly in the application. There is no need to purchase additional modules, workflow automation software or integration with a third party.

Besides, no specialized technical knowledge or personnel working with the extension code are needed to operate BPA. Super administrators can now easily create automated activities, and the background task feature * in the Maconomy Workspace Client enables designated users to plan a series of operations without the need for additional scripting support.

The main benefits of BPA for Maconomy are as follow:

  • Virtually code-free automation
  • Built-in functionality - no integration, extensions or additional software to buy
  • Unlimited options - automate every user-generated task
  • Extends to work with standard Deltek product integrations and potentially even with your  integrated applications

* this feature requires Maconomy 2.3 or 2.4


Save time by automating business processes