18 March 2019

M-Files is Top-Rated ECM Solution on TrustRadius

M-Files stands above every other ECM software on the popular review site TrustRadius. With a score of 9.1 out of 10, M-Files rises above the bevy of solutions on the market, i.a. IBM, EMC or Oracle.

End-users appreciate among others the ease of finding information regardless of its location, compliance possibilities, and a new paradigm – without folders. All above features allow to save a lot of time and unnecessary work.

“Searching documents is very difficult in Windows folders. With M-Files you save about 30 minutes per day per user.”

M-Files Team put much attention to end-users opinion, to know what they are experiencing — from interesting and unique use cases to areas for improvement. This is the most meaningful feedback, which allows to answer for customers’ needs and requirements.

M-Files is Top-Rated ECM Solution on TrustRadius