Whether your system is already equipped with the functionality to allow the creation of a Single File Control (JPK)?

Todis Consulting has prepared for its customers a new module JPK, which contains the full functionality for the transmission of data from tax records at the request of the tax authorities in a standardized electronic format, and transfer of monthly information about their VAT records on the server of the Ministry of Finance by means of electronic communication. JPK module works with all offered by the company Todis solutions ie. The system iScala and Epicor ERP Maconomy.

On July 1, 2016 large companies have been obliged to provide the Tax Office detailed financial accounting and trading in electronic form. These are the entities that employ more than 250 people or fewer than 250 people and fulfilled the condition exceeding the turnover (EUR 50 million) and total assets (EUR 43 million) in total. Smaller companies should not delay the start of adjustment in order to prepare for the correct and complete preparation of the data for reporting files JPK, because the obligation to provide information about their records the VAT is required from January 1, 2017 for small and medium-sized businesses, and from 1 January 2018 for micro-enterprises.

Transmission of data in a format JPK covers a wide spectrum of information. Information on VAT must be made available each month and the remaining (accounts, invoices, inventory transactions and bank statements) upon request. Control authorities are entitled to receive from the company, in the course of the audit procedures, the above data for the indicated period, stored electronically in the form of files of the specified format structural. For withholding data threatens criminal responsibility-duty with a fine of up to PLN 17 million.

Sharing data in the form of JPK requires equipment computer accounting systems in new functionality allows generation of JPK. Required by the tax authorities of electronic data are to be prepared in the form of XML files for all systems supporting company management, the programs / modules inventory by sales management program / module financially - accountant. So let's see if in fact work together, especially when they come from different suppliers.