10 March 2021

Deltek as a Leader in Nucleus Research Report 2020

Nucleus Research is a global provider of investigative, case-based technology research and advisory services. The company’s ROI-focused research approach provides unique insight into the actual results technology solutions deliver, allowing organizations to cut through marketing hype to understand real operational value and select or renew the best technology solution for their environment.

One of the Nucleus Report -  Research Technology Value Matrix is the most complete assessment of the real value a solution delivers.

It provides a relative positioning of the important vendors in a market area and delivers a concise framework for assessing the suitability of a solution for a particular customer. Vendors are measured on both usability and functionality – key drivers of value – and placed into four categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers. Given all markets continue to evolve, the center point of the matrix is reassessed with each publication, forcing vendors that do not keep pace with the market to fall behind relative to others.

Company Deltek is a Leader in the 2020 ERP Value Matrix as it remains the premier choice for project centric ERP. The vendor provides a comprehensive suite of applications that enable customers to manage the whole project life cycle from opportunity to delivery and invoicing.

Since the previous Value Matrix, Deltek has continued its aggressive product expansion strategy to solidify its leading position as a project ERP provider. Nucleus expects Deltek’s product and partner development strategies to continue setting the pace for delivering value to project-centric businesses, which will help maintain its position in future editions of the Value Matrix.

Deltek as a Leader in Nucleus Research Report 2020