15 September 2021

Level up your creative operation

Why improving performance matters?

Advertising and marketing agencies are undergoing rapid transformation and businesses are
moving at an exponential rate. The growing shift to digital services coupled with increased
competition and demand from clients putting pressure on margins has made it increasingly
important to deliver projects on time and on budget while building a healthier culture and
work/life balance. We have identified four key areas that can help agencies optimize their

Leaders looking to level up their agencies often ask:

• How can I increase project delivery capacity without sacrificing quality of work?
• How can I develop our talent and culture into a competitive advantage?
• How can I increase our profit margins without relying on reduced fees or discounts?
• How can I deliver a long-term roadmap to grow the agency?

This playbook, prepared by Deltek, will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to build impressive project delivery, retain the best talent, maximize efficiency and profitability, and a plan for future growth for your agency.

Download: The Agency Operations Playbook

Level up your creative operation