07 September 2021

8 steps to selecting the right ERP system

No process is perfect, but these proven tactics take the pain out of
picking the ERP that’s right for your manufacturing business.

Look at an efficient ERP system selection in 8 simple steps, prepared by Epicor specialists.

1. Evaluate - form a committee of top management, functional experts and end-users and get buy-in at every stage of the selection process.

2. Assess - determine what you’re doing well and identify the gaps and challenges that can be solved with ERP.

3. Establish criteria - consider features, price, platform and criteria important to your comittee. Then rank them as very important, important and less important.

4. Schedule consultations - talk to as many ERP vendors as possible - for 10 minutes each - you will get far insight than from their webside.

5. Create a shortlist - use your consultatin calls to trim your list to 3-5 ERP solutions that best fit your business.

6. Make contact - visit with the vendors on your shortlist, then set up a presentations and demonstrations.

7. Prepare questions - ask the tough questions and see whose response feel right.

8. Check references - talk to companies who have implemented the systems you are considering and make sure your vendors are as good as thes say.

For more information see Epicor Whitepaper.

8 steps to selecting the right ERP system