Project Management

Improve project control and project profitability

Maconomy Project Management provides full support to all stages and processes in the project lifecycle.

Supporting your Business Processes.

A fully integrated solution helps bring together all aspects of this ever important discipline to help you to manage and improve your project profitability by focusing on control, insight and always acting on facts in the following critical areas:

  • Create new projects (jobs and engagements)
  • Estimate, budget, plan and staff projects
  • Register project activity
  • Project follow-up (progress and reporting)
  • Project billing (invocing)
  • Close and analyse projects

Supporting People across your Organization

The solution aids all roles as they interact with the client engagements of your business: Sales and Account Executives are provided with the ability to properly estimate, budget and forecast new business opportunities, Project Managers have effective tools to plan, execute follow-up on project performance, Employees have dedicated and innovative solutions to ensure that their activity in the business is tracked accurately and effortlessly, and Finance Executives are provided with the control, overview and confidence they require.

Product Features:

  • Integration with the CRM module and workflow allowing for conversion of won sales opportunities to projects
  • Automated project and budget creation reduces administrative overhead and at the same time the likelihood of errors and client dissatisfaction
  • Complete flexibility of project and budget work breakdown structures along with pricing allowing for the complexity that you require whilst ensuring efficient and effective support from your business solution
  • Dedicated and highly graphical interface bringing together and simplifying project planning and resource planning
  • Full toolset allowing for capturing of all project time and expense and purchases
  • Fully integrated project follow-up and reporting allows for full oversight and alerts of variances immediately allowing for time to act on time
  • Full Project Business Intelligence integration to support ad-hoc project queries, general reporting forecasting, progress, and project staff load and utilization
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