Streamline sales, marketing and customer relations

Maconomy CRM module enables you to address the specific demand for streamlined marketing, sales, business development and customer relations in project-focused organizations.

Streamlined marketing

Campaign and activity management in the Maconomy CRM solution coupled with the ability to integrate to e-mail marketing systems allow the Marketing function of your organization to perform efficient and targeted marketing.

Streamlined sales

The Maconomy CRM solution supports streamlined sales processes in project-focused companies. The opportunity management features enable you to handle the complexity of project-focused sales, and you can create estimates and forecasts based on scopes and deliverables (phases, activities and milestones) by planning hours, procurement, subcontractors, etc. Successful opportunities can be converted to projects, which means all information from the sales process can be re-used in the delivery phase.

Streamlined customer relations since the CRM module is part of a fully integrated business solution, account managers and other employees can access a full 360 degree overview of their customer relations – from opportunities to projects, contracts, Accounts Receivable as well as past and future activities. Powerful tools for segmentation, customer data analysis and customer profitability help you prioritize, develop and terminate your customer relations.

The Maconomy CRM solution is not confined to customers and prospects. The solution supports all types of relations management, including suppliers, collaboration partners, subcontractors and other external stakeholders and parties.


  • Support for streamlined project - focused sales processes
  • Full 360 degree overview of your customer relations
  • Powerful tools for decision-making
  • Campaign management and workflow for driving activities
  • Document archive integrated to contact company, contact persons, activities and opportunities
  • Support for follow-up on customer profitability
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