Maconomy 2.1

The newest version of leading IT system - Maconomy 2.1

Maconomy 2.1 allows you to:

  • Even faster and more efficiently get the information you need to make the right decisions in a constantly changing business conditions;
  • Pass to your employees the best, ergonomic and designed for mobile use tools, that will help them spend much more time for realizations of the projects and increase the comfort of their work.
  • Reduce your operating costs - the new version of Maconomy gives you more options with a lower cost of purchase (eg licenses timely paid in annual installments) and totall cost ofo ownership.


  • More than 65 working panels (workspace);
  • Built-in reporting;
  • The analyzer for analysis of multi-dimensional;
  • Sliding panels
  • Creators for documents;
  • Links to reports and between the panels;
  • Drill-Down & tracking:
  • Graphic widgets and icons;
  • Dynamic layout, data-dependent;
  • Ability to integrate with third applications;
  • Ability to export from Excell;
  • Convenient filter panels;
  • Full search with auto-replenishment;
  • Flexible sorting;
  • Integrated panels tailored to the needs of business and many other
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