Bar Codes Solution

Warehouse management is a fundamental challenge for many businesses. Automation reduces errors and costs, improves effectiveness and nets higher storage efficiency. iScala warehouse module can be much more efficient by using barcodes and barcodes scanners. Nowadays many producers mark their products with barcodes.

Therefore in order to meet customers needs Todis created solution which is based on barcode technology.

Our proprietary software simplifies numerous warehouse processes in iScala, such as: 

  • shipping
  • receiving
  • warehouse transfers
  • forwarding to production
  • stock taking

Since the software is a proprietary Todis design, we can tailor it to meet individual customer needs. The connectivity module integrates completely with iScala - all barcode scanner activities are visible in the iScala interface on-line. Automation of work in iScala system was the main goal while creating this application. The solution enables an operator using a barcode reader to quickly and efficiently receive goods, forward them to production or a warehouse without error.

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