Bankyer Interface

Bankyer interface is designed to help exchanging information between iScala system and Home-banking applications. The main function is to prepare the files with payment transfers according to certain bank systems requirements and automatic booking of electronic bank statements into Scala system.

By using Bankyer interface booking of bank statements becomes fast and easy. Most of suppliers and customers payments are booked automatically. User can define booking schemas for different bank transactions like transfer costs, other payments or deposits. The application has easy to use interface and can be adjusted into each company needs.

Main functions: 

  • Preparation of batches with payment transfers based on the information from AP module in Scala system.
  • Transfer of files in a certain format into banking system.
  • Electronic bank statements imports into iScala system.
  • Analyzing the data and booking in iScala.
  • Fast review of payment proposals bases on time range, suppliers, currencies – useful in cash-flow planning.
  • Other reports.
  • Import of exchange rates.
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