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Epicor Windows Phone 8 Apps

On March 2014 Epicor introduced two new Windows Phone® 8 mobile apps.

The apps -- Expenses and Time Entry -- are designed to streamline recording and improve the accuracy and efficiency of time and expense tracking for employees in the field.

The apps are specifically designed to leverage the design elements and user experience of the Windows Phone® 8, and to give IT organizations the flexibility to support an increasingly mobile workforce and BYOD strategies that are becoming more commonplace.

Available via download from the Windows App Store, the new touch-optimized Expenses and Timekeeping Windows Phone 8 integrate with both Epicor ERP and Epicor iScala software. The apps allow employees to focus on actively producing revenue instead of furiously scribbling down notes and having to later recollect and reconstruct details -- which may lack accuracy. Use of the apps to track and report time and expenses also streamlines billing of transactions, improving cash flow and providing clear time stamped entries and supporting documentation to support dispute resolution when needed, key to customer satisfaction.

The Expenses and Timekeeping apps reside on users’ Windows 8 phones and are accessible via an icon. The apps feature Dashboards, Timesheets and Expense Tracking Forms, Reminders, Memos, Rounding, Notifications, Personalization, and Sharing. A software wizard interface ensures time and expenses are logged in a manner that ensures accurate reporting with minimal time and effort. The apps make it easy to edit entries and/or attach images, and provide quick access to summary or reference views with just a tap. Users can view attachments -- such as receipt images captured through the camera -- in full screen view model with pinch and zoom support, and also pin dashboards to the home screen for easy reference.

Epicor Windows Phone 8 apps work with existing Microsoft® infrastructure, easing back end administration and enabling organizations to maximize the value of their existing Microsoft investments. As well, Epicor Windows Phone 8 apps leverage Microsoft’s layered security approach, so organizations can deploy with confidence knowing the apps are rigorously protected.

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